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53 Years American News Caster Harris Faulkner's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
53 Years American News Caster Harris Faulkner's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

The journey from freelancing to millions is a journey not many can carry out but Harris Faulkner is among the ones who have made it. Being a "military brat", Harris had to move to various places but eventually, she found her way into journalism and now is a well-known newscaster.

Other than a newscaster, she is also an author and a philanthropist. Her progressive career has largely contributed to her net worth.

Harris Faulkner Career:

Harris Faulkner did her graduation in business economics and studied mass communication as her major subject at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Harris had a dream of becoming a journalist since her early age.

Harris had started her career as a junior accountant before working in self-employment as a freelance copywriter for L.A. Weekly, where she earned $50 per article.

CAPTION: Harris Faulkner presenting Fox news report


In the first place, Harris began her TV career at KCOP-TV’s Channel 13 in Los Angeles, as an intern. Afterward, she worked as a reporter for WNCT-TV in Greenville. She has also worked for WDAF-TV, Kansas City’s virtual channel, as an evening anchor of the Primetime Newscast.

After Kansas City, she worked at Minneapolis-Saint Paul and KSTP-TV, where she was the head of an evening anchor team. These positions provided a substantial basis for her future net worth.

In 2004, she left KSTP-TV and hosted “The Harris Faulkner Show” on FM107. She was also an alternative anchor for “The Nancy Grace Show” and in 2005, Harris worked as a correspondent for news magazine's TV series “A Current Affair”. 

Her career breakthrough came when she moved to "Fox News Cable" – where she is still active as a broadcaster and the host of "Fox News Live". Harris also anchors the "Fox News Extra" and also is a substitute for Shepard Smith in "The Fox News Report".

She is also an occasional guest-panelist of the late-night satire show “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”. All these accomplishments have brought Harris fame and helped increase her overall net worth.

Harris Faulkner achievements:

Harris Faulkner has won six Emmy Awards throughout her career, among which are for Best Newscaster and Best News Specials. She also serves many charitable causes and for her humanitarian efforts, she has been awarded an Amelia Earhart Pioneering Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition, Harris is also the author of “Breaking News: God Has A Plan – An Anchorwoman’s Journey Through Faith” and "9 Rules of Engagement- A Military Brat's Guide to Life and Success". 

Furthermore, Harris is also a motivational speaker. It is certain that everything mentioned above has made a positive contribution to Harris’ wealth.

Harris Faulkner Net worth:

Harris Faulkner has a net worth of $4 million but her exact salary is unknown. She is hosting her own show "Outnumbrered overtime". A Fox news anchors' average salary ranges from $31,226 to $128,448. So her salary can be estimated in between that. She has also written books which have certainly increased her total worth in millions. 

Her most controversial gain was from the $5 million lawsuit against Hasbro over a toy hamster which she claims was named after her and looked like her.

Harris had sued the toy company in September 2015. Although the company said the toy was not like her or named after her, they settled for an undisclosed amount. Although controversial, the lawsuit definitely had a positive impact on her net worth.