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home gossip 42 Years American Music Personality JC Chasez Dating a Girlfriend or Secretly Enjoying Life With His Wife?

42 Years American Music Personality JC Chasez Dating a Girlfriend or Secretly Enjoying Life With His Wife?

Published Sun Jun 16 2019 By Rajeev Singh
42 Years American Music Personality JC Chasez Dating a Girlfriend or Secretly Enjoying Life With His Wife?

Joshua Scott Chasez, aka JC Chasez, is a former member of a popular boy-band during the '90s, NSYNC. Currently, he is active as a singer and songwriter independently after the band broke up in 2002. Chasez has achieved more success while working independently than while he was working as a band member. 

Chasez's dating life has always been an exciting thing to hear for his fans because he has dated numerous girls until now. Rumors say that he is now secretly living as a married guy with his wife whose information is not disclosed yet. Let's find out.

JC Chasez Has Dated More Than 8 Girls and Has an Interesting Dating Life

Every member of a popular boyband was deeply venerated by young audiences, especially teenage girls. NSYNC songs were nominated for several Grammy Awards ceremony. Being the lead vocalist of the incredibly popular boyband, JC Chasez used to get numerous attention from girls who wanted to be his girlfriend.

CAPTION: JC Chasez with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Longoria 
SOURCE: zimbio


Some of the girls whom Chasez had dated are:

Name of Girl

The year they were together

Nikki Deloach1992 – 1997
Bobbie Thomas1997 – 2001
Emmanuelle Chriqui2001 – 2002
Tara Reid2002
Eva Longoria2004
Stefani Morgan2005
Rachel Sterling2003 – 2009

Stefani Morgan's Broke Up With JC Chasez Because of His Jealousy

In 2005, JC Chasez was dating Stafani Morgan who is an American star of German descent. But later she broke up with her boyfriend, JC Chasez, and stated that her job was making him jealous. She claimed that Chasez was constantly comparing her sex life with him and other partners in her adult movies. 

CAPTION: JC Chasez's ex-girlfriend Stefani Morgan posing for the camera 
SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons


There Were Rumors About JC Chasez marrying American Model Kathryn Smith

JC Chasez started dating Kathryn Smith after breaking up with Rachel Stirling. Though the couples were initially serious about their relationship, however, they did not plan on getting married. The couple broke up in 2013, two years after dating and Chasez has not declared of any girl he has dated after her. 

CAPTION: JC Chasez with his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Smith 
SOURCE: zimbio

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Does That Mean JC Chasez Really is Single As He Claims To Be?

Till now it is confirmed that JC Chasez is not married to his last girlfriend, Kathryn Smith and that both of them are living a single and happy life. But could it be that Chasez is married to another girl and hiding it from the media? His Instagram post may raise some questions which Chasez has not answered yet.

View this post on Instagram

This I promise you...when you share your love, #yourloveisheroic and that’s why we love @uheroes and what they do everyday to try and make the world better through selflessness and compassion. Happy Valentines Day ❤️

A post shared by JC Chasez (@jcchasezofficial) on Feb 14, 2019 at 6:12pm PST

The recent post of Chasez kind of suggests that he might be in a relationship with that girl shown in the picture on his Instagram post. Therefore, although Chasez is not married to Kathryn Smith or any of his past girlfriends, he would rather be in a relationship with a new girl. Further information about this new potential girlfriend is not disclosed in the media yet. 

Caption: JC Chasez and his rumoured girlfriend 


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