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38 Years American Model Bernice Burgos Has Two Daughter; Is She Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

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38 Years American Model Bernice Burgos Has Two Daughter; Is She Married or Dating a Boyfriend?

If you are the social person you would have heard about the rising sensation Bernice Burgos. She is said to be the most-talked lady of the year 2017. In the first place, The model is an Entrepreneur and, an Instagram with sensation large number of fans and followers.

She has been in limelight because of her rumored relationship with some top-level celebrities.also, the rumors of Bernice having plastic surgery is also all over the Internet. 

The Instagram model has a huge amount of annual income currently more than $ million as she was said to be poor in his past.

Does model Bernice Burgos Have two daughters?

The famous Instagram model is a single mother, who has a daughter named Ashley Burgos and Sarai Burgos. Ashley is mainly known for being the daughter of the Instagram Sensation Bernice Burgos. Ashley is gorgeous and her looks are similar to the looks of her mother.

CAPTION: Ashley Burgos looks gorgeous like her mother


Bernice's past

The Instagram model had no any luxurious life in her past as she used to work as a bartender & waiter every Sunday. At the age of 15, she got pregnant and gave birth to Ashley.

Who is Ashley father?

There is no any confirmed news regarding this but there has been said that the guy was a gangster of NewYork who is currently in prison as per the source, her biological father was 19 years old when Bernice gave birth.

Is Bernice dating famous pop singer drake?

There have been many rumored about them that they were secretly in a relationship. Many times they were spotted in parties together.

CAPTION: The famous Canadian rapper spotted with his rumored girlfriend

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Finally, Bernice has confirmed that the romantic couple has separated in a mutual way. Something went wrong between them and ended being apart also, She mentioned that the famous Canadian rapper is a really sweet & kind person.

Is Bernice Burgos Single & relationship?

In a TV interview that Bernice said that "After being in a relationship with a lot of celebrities" Bernice states that she is currently single and dating no one at this time, Bernice also mentioned that she likes the man who is confident.