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36 Years American Former Arms Dealer David Packouz Has a Daughter; His Family Life and Wife

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36 Years American Former Arms Dealer David Packouz Has a Daughter; His Family Life and Wife

Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1982, David Packouz Celebrated his birthday on 16 February. His full name is David Mordechai Packouz and the residence of Miami, Florida

He was born to the Jewish as a third child amid nine children of his parents Shoshana and Rabbi Kalman Pacckouz. His mother is and father was the author of the book "How to Prevent and intermarriage". 

36 years American former Arms dealer David Packouz

36 years, Packouz is a proficient personality with adept in music, business, inventor any many more.  In the first place, he is chiefly recognized as a former arms dealer. At the tender age of 24, the in the year 2005, he and his friend initiate  Diveroli's arms company AEY Inc.

AEY ensure contrast worth of around $300 million with U.S. government to supply the Afghan Army with 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, millions of rounds for SDV Dragunov sniper rifles, aviation rockets and all kinds of ammunition.AEY assured to swindle to US government by purchasing the aforementioned from China by carrying out the contract signed between the company and the Pentagon.

The company design to cover up the primary source of the ammunition by repacking and rebranding activity. as the matter of publicity surrounding contract and the early age of dealers- Packouz,25 and Diveroil, 21 United States Army undergoes the review of a conviction in the business.

Hence, Packouz was imprisoned for seven months of house arrest and Diveroli was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment Conspiracy to defraud the United States.

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David Packouz Family life, Wife and Daughter

David Packouz is a married man but details about his much wife is unknown.  Despite, THe movie 'wars dogs' based on his life despites fall on love with a girl named Iz who is the mother of his daughter namedI Anabelle Jane who was born in February 2007. Asper the, on -screen character Iz featured as Ana De Armas  inspired by David's life spanish girlfriend . 

He is active in social media Instagram and  offical youtube.