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home 1.83 m Tall American TV Host Mike Rowe Dating a Girl or He Is Secretly Married and Enjoying Time With His Wife

1.83 m Tall American TV Host Mike Rowe Dating a Girl or He Is Secretly Married and Enjoying Time With His Wife

Published Thu Nov 29 2018 By Rajeev Singh
1.83 m Tall American TV Host Mike Rowe Dating a Girl or He Is Secretly Married and Enjoying Time With His Wife

57 and still no sign of getting Hitched! How come a multimillionaire Television host stayed away from standing on the altar this long?

Mike Rowe, a former opera singer, is now popularly known for his narrative work on Disney channel's program called, Dirty Jobs. His series on CNN, entitled, Somebody's gotta do it is also another matter to talk about as far as his career goes. Rowe has been under the gossip radar of numerous tabloid's speculation now and then. In fact, one can only get as much as about his TV career from the first time he stepped into the showbiz to his present days as show runner for Facebook's Returning the favor.

However, his romantic and married life discussion isn't something that you would easily find among his much-praised work on reality shows. Rowe has been so overwhelmingly great in the path of his profession that it has beclouded any attempts to know or write about his personal life. Even the popular websites have left this side of Rowe's life uncovered. So what has been there in the narrator's behind the curtain life.

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Has someone finally made the man our of Mike Rowe? Does he have children? 

When finally asked about children, Rowe rather gave a diplomatic answer, "My reasoning for not having kids is due to the fact that I'm selfish. And if ever I change my mind and decide to have a family, my reasoning would be the same".

CAPTION: Mike Rowe when asked about having children 
SOURCE: HS insider

So has Mike Rowe ever been in a relationship or is he now?

Given the celebrity circles and vibe, every well-known public figure gets linked with another prominent big name or so. And so they give the media an opening to some rumors. However, Mike Rowe has only been so close as much to these girls.

Danielle Burgio

American actress and a stunt woman Danielle Burgio mostly known for the Trinity fight double in the movie The Matrix was said to have been in a relationship with Mike Rowe for a brief amount of time. However, according to various sources, the matter was as serious as being near engagement which, Rowe ultimately denied. Alas, the couples got separated and are not seen together these days as Burgio is now married to a producer Robert Magill.

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Sandy Dotson

Rowe hinted by saying that he is in a relationship with an understanding woman while the rumor between him and Sandy Dotson hooking up was still going on. Dotson, who is an executive at a data management company, is often seen with Rowe. There is no confirmation so, Rowe is still claimed to be single. Despite, they occasionally spend time together or go on vacation. 

A short bio on Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe (born March 18, 1964) is known for his work as a host in the Disney Channel's series Dirty Jobs and the CNN's series, Somebody's gotta do it. 

His other notable work includes Returning the favor, a series produced for Facebook where he finds people doing good deeds and in return does something good for them. 

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